History of Shadowboxes

In the mid 19th century sailors started hanging medals in the top of their footlockers. Similar to the way a gearhead puts stickers on the inside top lid of their tool boxes. After WWII, the modern medal box came into being.


There are two problems with these shadowboxes. One being the natural tendency of gravity sagging the medals over time. The other is the UV damage, which is caused naturally by even minimal sunlight exposure. We tackled these problems head on with The Original Medal Print. Making sure we preserve the quality of our archival prints with three coats of UV protectant, and by eliminating gravity’s slow pull on hanging medals.


Free Medals

Each veteran and/or their Next-of-Kin is entitled to one replacement copy of medals.

You can find this the information online at the National Archives, Awards and Decorations.



Two methods for requesting military records: Veterans and their next of kin have two methods for requesting copies of military records:
  1. Electronic method. Use the eVetRecs system to create your request.
  2. Paper method. Mail or Fax a Standard Form SF-180 (see address below). Paper forms must be printed, signed, and dated.

NPRC Mailing Address:
National Personnel Records Center
Military Personnel Records
9700 Page Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63132-5100
phone: 314-801-0800
fax: 314-801-9195