Our History

We think Military Medals are some of the coolest things ever made. They rank up there with Hot Rods, Electric Guitars, and custom motorcycles. About three years ago I ran across the website for my grandfather’s old Army unit. I decided to start building his shadowbox. “This should be easy,” I thought. “I can find everything I need on the internet right?” Wrong!


After eight months and over $700, the medal box was finally finished. I told my nephew, “Kyle, I wish I could have just ordered a print or a poster at this point.” Not many people build a shadowbox for someone who passed away twenty years earlier, and that realization was the start of Medal Graphics.


The following years were spent on intensive R&D. Working with different large format printers, over a half-dozen medium format cameras, and lighting scenarios, we have found the perfect combination to create The Original Medal Print.


It’s an honor for us to create this artwork for veterans and their families, and we take a great deal of pride in the fact we can give back in our own way to the ones who have sacrificed so much for us. From our family to your family, thanks again.



John Privott

Pres. Medal Graphics

Printing of a Canvas "Medal Print"

Live Action

Printing of a Canvas “Medal Print”